Window Cleaning

Waterfed Window Cleaning

Keeping your windows clean is a fantastic way to improve the outside appearance of your home and add curb appeal. Clean windows also prolong the life of your window panes and frames, allow more light into your home, and can even increase heat efficiency! We suggest having your windows cleaned 2-3 times per year to keep them in good condition. At Kirbapeal,
we offer both interior and exterior window cleaning services.
Once we are done, your glass will be so clear you won’t be able to tell it’s there!

At Kirbapeal, we use a 3-stage WaterFed Pole System for our residential window cleaning process. We start by checking the Total Dissolvable Solids (TDS) in your tap water. Most tap water TDS in Medicine Hat ranges from 250-585 Parts Per Million. We then run your water through our 3 stage filtration system. The water is carbon filtered to remove most of the large particles present in your water. Next, the water goes through a filter that removes the microscopic particles. Lastly, it will go through a resin filter to deionize the water, which helps repel dust and keep your windows clean longer than a traditional window cleaning.


Advanced Cleaning Technology

At Kirbapeal, our residential window cleaning uses a 3-Stage WaterFed Pole System, including a thorough filtration process for high-quality cleaning.


Long-Lasting Cleanliness

With our advanced filtration system, your windows stay cleaner for longer, thanks to deionized water that repels dust. Trust Kirbapeal for superior results.


Thorough Filtration Process

With a comprehensive filtration process, including deionization, your windows stay cleaner for longer. Trust Kirbapeal for superior residential window cleaning.

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