Pressure Washing

We offer expert residential pressure washing services to help homeowners to maintain their properties. Our team of professionals can clean your house, outdoor living spaces (patios, decks), sidewalk and driveway with our efficient processes and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our Residential Pressure Washing services can remove stains, dirt, debris, mould and mildew from surfaces like vinyl, brick, siding and stucco safely, in addition to removing grime on sidewalks or driveways.

If you haven’t had your home or outdoor surfaces cleaned in a while, or if you’ve tried regular cleaning methods and they don’t work, give us a call! The team of professionals at Kirbapeal uses the best techniques and equipment to have your property looking like new again in no time! At Kirbapeal, we maintain high-quality workmanship while providing fast and efficient services so you can feel confident in the way we take care of your property. No matter the size of your home, we have the high-pressure technology needed to clean it thoroughly without damaging anything on site. Contact the team at Kirbapeal today for any of your residential pressure washing needs!


Efficient Home Renewal

Renew your home’s exterior with our pressure washing. Our team removes stains, dirt, and more using efficient processes and eco-friendly solutions.


Complete Surface Care

Trust us for comprehensive pressure washing. We clean various surfaces, removing stains, mould, and grime from sidewalks and driveways.


Expert Restoration


Restore your outdoor spaces with our pressure washing services. Our eco-friendly solutions effectively clean surfaces, leaving them looking like new.

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