Window Cleaning

Clean windows can make your commercial property shine. Our commercial window cleaning services are a great way to improve the outside appearance of your property and increase its curb appeal. Having your windows cleaned doesn’t just improve your property’s appearance; it can also increase their life span! We suggest cleaning the windows of your commercial property once a month to keep them in top condition. At Kirbapeal, we provide commercial window cleaning services to help your property look professional. Our team of professionals will get your windows cleaned quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry about interruptions to your business. Once we have finished the job, your windows will look new again!

Kirbapeal uses a 3-stage WaterFed Pole System for our commercial window cleaning process. We begin the process by checking the Total Disovable Solids (TDS) in your water. Tap water TDS in Medicine Hat usually ranges from 250-585 Parts Per Million. We will then run the water through our 3 stage filtration system. The water goes through a carbon filter to remove the majority of the large particles present in the water. The water will then go through a filter that removes any microscopic particles. Lastly, it will go through a resin filter to deionize the water, which helps repel dust more efficiently and keep your windows clean longer!


Crystal-Clear Windows

Achieve sparkling clean windows with our commercial cleaning services. Our 3-stage filtration and waterFed poles ensure a pristine finish.


Advanced Cleaning Technology

Experience superior window cleaning with our 3-stage filtration and waterFed poles. Our resin coat finish guarantees a lasting shine.


Precision Cleaning

Trust our window cleaning expertise, featuring 3-stage filtration and water-fed poles. Our resin coat finish leaves windows gleaming.

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