Driveway Cleaning

Driveways will get dirty and stained over time due to different factors. Say goodbye to driveway stains and hello to curb appeal! We can get rid of unsightly stains and spills on your driveway and have it looking like new again. The professionals at Kirbapeal will get the job done quickly & easily. Kirbapeal is here to clean your driveway from stains caused by oil, tire marks, transmission fluid, rust, hard water stains, paint, mould, mildew, dirt and more.

We begin by applying an environmentally friendly cleaning agent and degreaser to your driveway. We let it sit for 5 minutes, and then we will go over your driveway with our 24″ surface cleaner. This sprays water at 3600 psi, spinning at about 10,000 rpm under a concealed canopy about an inch and a half high. We clean your driveway thoroughly to ensure we don’t miss any spots. We then rinse off all the dirt from your driveway and do any necessary clean-up. Our driveway cleaning process is a great way to have your driveway looking like new again! Contact the professionals at Kirbapeal for all your exterior cleaning needs.


Stain-Free Surfaces

Say goodbye to stains, tire marks, and more with our residential driveway cleaning. Our eco-friendly cleaners and degreasing agent ensure a spotless result.


Comprehensive Cleaning

Restore your driveway’s beauty with our thorough cleaning service. We eliminate stains, rust, mould, and more using eco-friendly cleaners and a 24″ surface cleaner.


Environmentally Safe

Choose our driveway cleaning for environmentally safe solutions. Our eco-friendly cleaners and degreasing agent leave your driveway pristine.

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