Residential Driveway
Asphalt Sealing

Your asphalt is an expensive asset that you want to maintain.  We are here to help.

Asphalt Sealing

Whether you have fresh asphalt, or you have aged asphalt, sealing it is the best preventative maintenance you can do.  Each time you seal your asphalt (assuming it is already in fair to good condition) you can extend the life of the asphalt up to 3 years.  The average lifespan of an asphalt driveway or parking lot is 15 years.  With proper maintenance, you could double or triple the lifespan of your driveway or parking lot, while keeping it looking next to new.

Crack Filling


Asphalt does crack, and if you don’t take care of these cracks, they can easily turn into potholes, and that becomes expensive, and can become a liability to your company.  We do a deep clean of each crack with a wire wheel, then blow out each crack to make sure it is perfectly clean.  We then pour hot tar into the crack to fill it so no water gets in.  This lasts for about 3 years and needs to be redone.

Pothole repair

If by chance your property has pot holes, or potholes are starting to form, we can come out to fix them.  We use infrared heat to react the old asphalt, rake it, and tamp it to make a perfect seam and solve your pothole problem.


Long-Lasting Protection

Protect your driveway with our residential asphalt sealing. Our high-quality sealant provides long-lasting protection against the elements.


Enhanced Durability

Ensure your driveway’s durability with our sealing services. Our professional application extends the life of your asphalt.


Expert Sealant Application

Trust our expert team for residential asphalt sealing. Our meticulous application process ensures a smooth, durable finish.

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