We offer both residential and commercial window cleaning.  When we clean your windows, not only do we clean wash, scrup, buff, and squeegee your panes, we also take care of your frames and ledges.

Below are our rates for residential cleaning. We have price on three types of panes.  A Regular Pane is a pane where we do not need a pole or a ladder to access.  A High Pane requires a pole or a ladder.  Triple Track Aluminum sliders are the windows that have aluminum tracks and hold six panes of glass.  We have a minimum charge of $85 for residential windows.  Prices do not include GST.  Please contact us for commercial and corporate cleaning rates.

Exterior Only          Interior/Exterior

Regular Windows             $5 per pane             $8.75 per pane

High Windows                   $7.50 per pane       $12.50 per pane

Screens                              $2 per screen

Tracks                                 $2 per track

Triple Track Aluminum Sliders are $69 per window unit (includes removing and cleaning all panes, cleaning screens and tracks).