We offer both commercial and residential pressure washing.  We use low pressure on houses to prevent damage, and get a deeper, richer clean.  We use high pressure on flat work, like driveways and sidewalks, to agitate the dirt out of them.  Please note that the prices below do not incude GST.  For a commercial quote please contact us.


Residential Prices 

House Washing (Starting at only $199)

When we wash your house, you don’t need to worry about damage since we use low pressure on your brick, stucco and siding.  Click here to see how we restored 100 year old brick with low pressure in under three hours.

If your home is a bi-level or smaller, we can wash your home for only $199.  If your home is bigger than a bi-level, it will only cost  $0.15 a square foot to wash your home.


Gutter Cleaning  (Starting at only $99)

When we clean your gutters, we make sure all debris is out, we flush the gutter, look for leakage in the seams, caulk seams if needed, and flush your downspouts.  Our rate for gutter cleaning is only $2 per foot.  If you combine a gutter cleaning with a house wash, we will wave the minimum charge of $99, and just add on the $2 per foot.

Our technicians will show you video of your gutters before and after we clean them.  We will never advise or encourage a gutter cleaning if one is not needed. Click here for a quick video.


Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning (Starting at only $99)

Your driveway should be professionally cleaned at least once per year, but preferably twice.  Once in the spring, and once in the fall.  The dirt, oil, grease and salt that accumulates on your driveway will eventually loosen the bonds of the concrete.  This is when pitting happens.  After your driveway starts to pit, it looks unsightly, becomes harder to shovel in the winter time and will continue to deterorate.  If your driveway and sidewalk are over 200 square feet, it will only cost $0.50 per square foot to get it cleaned. Click here for pictures.


Oil Stain Removal (Starting at Only $40)

Oil stains are unsightly, they lower your property value, the property value of your neighbours, and they damage your concrete.  We use a proprietary seven step process to remove your stain, and can usually get it out in under an hour.  We always combine our oil stain removal with a full driveway cleaning to keep in uniformity.  Our rate is $40 per square foot of oil stain.  That will be added to the price of a driveway cleaning.  Click here to for pictures.