Deck & Patio Cleaning

Keeping your deck or patio clean can brighten up your home's exterior and increase its curb appeal. Our patio and deck cleaning service can clean any type of concrete, brick, stone and wood. Over time, your deck or patio will start to get covered with dirt, moss, weeds, mildew, and mould. We suggest that decks and patios be cleaned 1-2 times per year to maintain cleanliness and prevent damage. The professionals at Kibapeal will ensure your home's exterior stays in top condition with our patio and deck cleaning services.
We start by sweeping any debris off your deck or patio. We then apply an environmentally friendly cleaning agent and degreaser to the surface. Once the solution sets, we pressure wash the surface. We then rinse the surface of the dirt and clean up as necessary. The environmentally friendly cleaner we use at Kirbapeal ensures your landscaping stays safe. Our deck and patio cleaning process will make your outdoor surfaces look new again! Kirbapeal is here to help with all of your exterior cleaning needs.

Kirbapeal Professional Exterior Cleaning Company
Kirbapeal Professional Exterior Cleaning Company

Want to Save?

Build a Bundle! We offer year-round service packages that are fully customizable to fit any budget, starting at $59/week + tax.

● Seasonal snow removal● 1 gutter cleaning per year● 1 low-pressure house wash per year● 1 full exterior window cleaning per year● Monthly exterior window cleaning (April through September)● 1 deck cleaning per year● 1 patio cleaning per year● 1 walkway cleaning per year● 1 sidewalk cleaning per year● 1 driveway cleaning per year