Will Pressure Washing Damage My Siding

No.  Even though we use a 4.0 GPM pressure washer, we use low pressure on your house with a system called downstream injection.  This is where we apply an environmentally friendly, biodegradable soap to your siding, then rinse it off.

 Will your soap hurt my plants?

No.  Before we apply our soap to your house, we gently rinse your plants.  We will rinse them again after we are finished washing your home.

Do you supply your own water, or do you use the customer's water?

We do carry what is called a "buffer" tank.  Because we run commercial grade pumps, we pump faster than what the customer can provide from the tap.  If we hooked directly to the tap, we could ruin the pump on the pressure washer from lack of supply.  What we do is run water into the buffer tank, which will give us enough supply to finish the job faster without cavitating our pump.